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Peppermint Tea

Enjoy your visit to the resource webpage of Peppermint Tea. We have information on various topics regarding this delicious, fresh, and energetic drink. We also have the finest gallery for you to enjoy, as a form of motivation to make your very own cup for yourself and your loved ones.

We here at Peppermint Tea information website have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a list of peppermint tea benefits related to your body, mind, and soul. We feel this is a complete way of sharing the benefits with you.  The benefits on the mind include emotional well being, relaxation, and soothing positivity.  You will find benefits regarding the body which include remedies for various different ailments including common problems such as colds, bad breath, dry throat, indigestion, and more. This completes the cycle of mind and body that peppermint tea brings benefit to.

There are different types you can try including dried and crushed, fresh whole peppermint leaf, or customized. We give you our suggestions on peppermint tea customization depending on your personal preferences. You can also add other herbal teas to make something even more special.

We have also taken it upon ourselves to provide you with how you can grow leaves and make all this yourself. Grow your own peppermint plant in your garden or at home using a container, pot, or bowl. After you harvest the leaves in the morning, and them to boiling water. Then customize it to your liking based on our suggestions or what you can find in your heart’s desire. Experimentation is key, as well as reading this website for ideas hidden all over the pages. We hope that you enjoy your visit here and are moved to making a delicious cup just for yourself, and if you choose, your loved ones too!

Types of Peppermint Tea

Dried and crushed

This peppermint tea version is made with dried leaves.  These dried leaves are then crushed with an instrument or the end of a spoon, and then used in boiling water to make peppermint tea.

Fresh Whole Leaf

This peppermint tea version is made by inserting whole peppermint leaves into the boiling water to prepare the peppermint tea.  It is very fresh tasting, and very minty compared to the dry version of peppermint tea.  If you are not satisfied with dried peppermint tea, then try this whole leaf version, before quitting on this delicious organic peppermint tea idea altogether.


Store bought peppermint tea is convenient to make and use when you don’t have time to make one yourself.  Otherwise, you can grow your own, and make it yourself.  Peppermint spreads rather quickly so make sure you either plant it in a pot, container, bowl or somewhere it will not cause you problems with its rapid growth.


Peppermint tea can be made custom, depending on your taste preferences, by adding other ingredients and temperature manipulation methods.

You can add other ingredients suchas honey, cream, milk, and even powdered almonds.  I believe you should avoid sugar, and instead use honey.

It is possible to enjoy peppermint tea hot, medium, or cold.  It is another way to customize your drink. By adding peppermint tea to the fridge or adding ice cubes in hot weather you will make a more refreshing cool brew.  Room temperature is also a viable option for some. It all depends on your tastes and what you prefer.

Conduct peppermint tea experiments to find out your personal preferences on how you like to customize your very own version. Try dried, fresh, bagged, or home grown.

How to Make Peppermint Tea

Growing and Preparing Peppermint

To make your very own peppermint tea, the first step is to grow peppermint leaves in your backyard if you have one, or in a container (bowl, pot, etc).  It is best to use a container, because this herb grows very quickly and can take over your garden if you are heedless. You can also choose to simply purchase peppermint from the store if you prefer.

You can grow peppermint using a peppermint cutting and inserting it halfway inside the soil of your container.  Alternatively, you can use seeds. Make sure it gets sunlight and is watered enough.  Just make sure the soil isn’t dry, or soggy.  You will be surprised how quickly it grows and spreads. Too much water can cause problems like fungus.

Drying Peppermint

Depending on your preferences, you may wish to dry these leaves or keep them fresh for your tea.

To dry the leaves, simply wash them in cold water, and air dry by using a fan, hang them upside down, and then store in an air tight container, away from light.  The leaves must be 100% dry before you store them, or they will accumulate mold, and that is very bad for health, and exactly what we want to avoid.

Personal Note on Drying Peppermint Tea leaves

I personally do not recommend drying the leaves to make peppermint tea with, because the oil in the leaves is very beneficial.  The oil is used for many remedies and even sold separately, so therefore use fresh leaves that contain the oil so you can gain maximum benefits towards your health and well being.

Please browse the website for more information regarding the various peppermint tea benefits that I have mentioned for you.

Preparing your Peppermint Tea and Customizing it

Second step is to make the peppermint tea from the leaves you harvested. Start by boiling water, and then place the leaves inside.  You can add other ingredients in here if you wish, such as other herbs or condiments, depending on your preferences.

Customize your tea by adding lemon, cream, milk, etc. as mentioned and stated earlier. Also make it the desired temperature (by storing it in the fridge, room temperature, etc), and drink peppermint tea!

So you start by growing this herb in a container, harvesting the leaves in the morning, making the tea, customizing it, and then finally enjoying your very own delicious homemade custom peppermint tea!