Peppermint Tea Information

Peppermint Oil Uses

There are many peppermint oil uses ranging from your health to the environment. On this particular page you will find many peppermint oil uses and benefits.

Peppermint Oil Uses — How to Use

Peppermint oil is taken in relatively small doses in liquid, pills (eccentric coated), or diluted with other oils such as olive oil and applied to skin. A few drops of it with a small amount of petroleum jelly can be applied to specific areas to reduce swelling in that area.

General Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits:

Peppermint oil uses for the Hair:

Peppermint oil uses for the hair are very beneficial. Using it brings benefit to your hair by adding shine, fresh scent, and gloss.

It binds hair roots while increasing blood circulation, stimulating the hair follicles, which is very effective for hair growth. You must run your finger tips in a circular motion while gently massaging the oil into your scalp gently to loosen any form of substances that might be clogging your scalp.

Another one of peppermint oil uses for the hair is that it works as a conditioner. All these benefits combined can have a profound effect on your hair health.

Peppermint oil uses for the Scalp:

Peppemint tea uses for the scalp continues from, and ties in with the peppermint oil uses for the hair. This herbal oil is known to combat dandruff (by pH balancing), lice (due to it’s smell — discussed later as well), treating dry scalp, at the same time delivering cooling impact to the scalp.

Peppermint oil uses for Mouth:

Adding a few drops on tongue naturally eliminates bad breath. Very helpful following meals.

It has been found to help dental health as well.

Peppermint oil uses for Digestion:

Peppermint oil uses for digestion are well known by natural healers. Add a few drops into a glass of water, stir, and drink after meals to aid in digestion. Peppermint tea also helps with this. (Read more about peppermint tea benefits here) It helps getting rid of painful gases because of its carminative properties. The side effect sometimes experienced from this can be heartburn depending on the individual. The reason heartburn can occur is because after drinking this, you will have decreased lower esophageal pressure. It is not a must that you will experience this side effect, but we just wanted to let you know so you can be aware in advance in case heartburn does occur. You will only know after you try it, so go ahead and try.

Peppermint Oil Uses for Chronic Conditions:

Peppermint oil uses for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is used by people suffering from this because of its helpful effects on the aspects related to the belly, such as moving food throughout the gut, digestion, removing gas pains, causing relaxation in the muscles, etc. One of the elements of peppermint is menthol that seems to loosen up, unwind, and relax the muscles located all through the colon. This mechanism minimizes gut spasms.

Many studies were conducted regarding peppermint oil uses and benefits in reducing symptoms of IBS versus placebo. 75% of the patients had considerably reduced IBS symptoms! The bottom line is that peppermint oil works!

You can take an eccentric coated pill twice a day for at least four weeks, and also try peppermint tea if you wish.

Prostate Swelling:

Apply few drops of peppermint oil with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to the problematic area.  You should notice a difference within an hour.

Peppermint Oil uses as Pest Control:

Peppermint Oil Uses against Spiders

One of the wonderful peppermint oil uses is to get rid of spiders from within the house. This makes peppermint oil uses multipurpose.

Spiders find the odor of peppermint unpleasant and repulsive. Spiders sense the scent through tiny receptor hairs on their front legs. A robust fragrance like peppermint oil is sufficient to send spiders darting in another direction, as far off from the over-bearing smell as they possibly can.

Method 1:

Wherever you find spiders concentrate indoors, place a small tray with cotton ball saturated with peppermint oil. The odor will continue to keep all of them absent. Try it!

Method 2:

  1. Buy a spray bottle from the dollar store or however you want to get it.
  2. Fill it up with about 90% tap water.
  3. Add up to ten drops of peppermint oil.
  4. Close the bottle with the spray nozzle.
  5. Shake the bottle to mix water and peppermint oil to make your anti spider solution.
  6. Open the lid and sniff to detect if the smell of peppermint is strong enough, if so, your spray is ready.
  7. If not, add a few more drops of oil and re shake and sniff until you find the smell is strong.
  8. Spray the mixture in areas where you know or suspect spiders can enter from such as corners, inside window, inside doorways, etc.

Peppermint Oil Uses against Mice, Rats, and Rodents

Just like in the case of spiders, the smell of peppermint oil is repulsive to rats, mice, and rodents.Saturate a cotton ball or pad with peppermint oil and place it in and around areas where mice can enter your house from such as doorways, heat vents, or any other location you might have in mind. Another tip is to grow peppermint plants in containers and place them near entrances.

Peppermint Oil Uses against Ants

Peppermint oil uses also includes getting rid of ants. Make a spray bottle like mentioned above and spray all around the outside of your house/entrances if you are in an apartment. This will repel ants from entering inside as long as they don’t have a bridge to go over the peppermint oil such as tree branches/bushes. Therefore, keep everything nicely trimmed outside your house to prevent them from entering above the peppermint oil sprayed area.

Warnings and Caution:

Keep your hands away from your eyes and do not let any oil come in contact with them. Immediately wipe your face with a washcloth or flush your eyes with water if you feel a burning sensation in or around your eyes or if your eyes start to get watery during or after peppermint oil usage. Careful not to apply it somewhere your pet may ingest it, if you own one. Also, avoid using peppermint oil directly on furniture/walls/wood because it can stain. Stay with the guidelines mentioned above instead.

We hope these peppermint oil uses have helped you and benefited you in many ways. As we find more peppermint oil uses, we will add them to this page!